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Personal shows

Mylonogianni Gallery, Chania / 2006

Mylonogianni Gallery, Chania / 2009

Dr Immoreales lab


Group shows


2019, 35X20X20cm. 3d printed reinforced plastic,

acrylic painted, Nr.2 of 12 pcs each in different color.

Tools (graphic): CorelDRAW X5

Fonts used:


Dwiggins initials.Originally designed in 1930 by W.A. Dwiggins for the cover for Paul Hollister’s book American Alphabets. Lettergraphics had a film type version named Fast Lady D.

Reporter a.k.a. Pinselschrift (brush script). The metal original – larger sizes were also available in wood – came with many extras: alternates, swash underlines, ligatures, as well as logotypes for common German trigraphs like ‘sch’ and even whole syllables (‘ent’, ‘ung’, ‘heit’, ‘keit’).

The digitally available Reporter No. 2 is a simplified version with far fewer gaps inside the main strokes. It lacks all of the mentioned embellishments.


Don't leave me this way (group show), Vout-O-Reenees Gallery, London, 7.11-30.11. 2019


On Allen Ginsberg’s lines:

that’s what I wanted,

I always wanted,

I always wanted,

to return to the body

where I was born.