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Personal shows

Mylonogianni Gallery, Chania / 2006

Mylonogianni Gallery, Chania / 2009

Dr Immoreales lab


Group shows

Some people must be punished (work on progress)

2019. Clay, acrylics, metal, wood, textil, light and sound.


Font used:

Originally designed by A.M. Cassandre (Deberny & Peignot, 1929).

Digitally revived by Richard Kegler as P22 Bifur (IHOF/P22, 2004) with an added lowercase.


 III Art Festival Nico Skepetzi, Rethymno,

October, Nonember 2019

Traces of life, KAM, Chania, January 2020


Curator: Chrysa Skepetzi

In the toy Jack in the box or, in French, diable en boîte, a figure, usually a human clown, pops out of the metal or wooden box with a spring thrust while a melody is playing ...

In SOME PEOPLE MUST BE PUNISHED, our hero is exposed to public eye, he is alone towards a supposedly surprised audience. He is the hero of the circus of life that acts and creates incessantly with the sole aim of never looking at the great void, the void that causes terror, awe. He wants to move away at a safe distance, to love and to be loved with his weakness,

leaving, as a trace to his descendants, just a magnificent show, a charming illusion ...


(translated by Despoina Annitsaki)

The title is inspired by

Michael Borremans’ work ‘The Swimming pool’ (right).

Borremans Michaël, 'The swimming pool' 34,0x28,2 cm, pencil, watercolour on cardboard, 2001
Courtesy Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp Photographer Felix Tirry.

Pop Goes the Weasel (Traditional