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Antonis Frantzeskakis

Elia Deligiannaki 76. 73134. Chania

[0030]2821086027. [0030]6976725407

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Don't leave me this way (group show),

Vout-O-Reenees Gallery, London, 7.11-30.11. 2019

IV Nikos Skepetzis Art Festival (group show),

Rethymno 2019

Krikos VII, Olivepress Art Factory, (group show)

Chania 2019

Mona Lisa's smile, Italian Center of Education,

Athens 2019

In times of brutal compatibility.

2018. India ink on white rag paper. 42X30cm, 60X50cm custom framed


Freakshow, Match more Art Gallery, Chania 2018

Curators Ioannis N Arhontakis, Constantinos V Proimos


Same series / from left: Musee des idiots! / Warning! Jesus saves from all sin.

[...] Frantzeskakis’s pictures seem to be part of stories or so their elaborate titles indicate: Tell me you love me no matter what, We don’t need another hero, Love? I have nothing to offer except my own confusion. Yet, it is hard to take one’s eyes away from them, even if one is not aware of these stories. They have a mesmerizing effect because they present this cabinet of curiosities which is in urgent need of identification. Frantzeskakis chooses subjects which are yet to be identified, usually encountered in big cities, the refuge of all the odd people, or those that feel odd and would like to live in a place where nobody would bother. Via the encounter with these people, the viewer is obliged to make an effort to understand the world that is fast changing and in which none of the old certainties prevail. 

Dr C. V. Proimos, curator




[...] However, Frantzeskakis's innermost vision is not there! He employes pencil, ink and the minimum of color in order to claim 'Nada es real excepto la real' smiling conspiratively to Rene Magritte (Belgium, 1889-1967) and exhibiting together with him a flawless female nude in the swirl of a hypothetic pipe.

Instead of a foreword... I. N. Arhontakis