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Antonis Frantzeskakis

Elia Deligiannaki 76. 73134. Chania

[0030]2821086027. [0030]6976725407

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Ape fucktory

2009. Installation. Dimensions variable. 10 pieces in different colors. Prototype: Clay, acrylic paint, wood, stickers, textil, rope, styrofoam

Don't leave me this way (group show),

Vout-O-Reenees Gallery, London, 7.11-30.11. 2019

IV Nikos Skepetzis Art Festival (group show),

Rethymno 2019

Krikos VII, Olivepress Art Factory, (group show)

Chania 2019

Mona Lisa's smile, Italian Center of Education,

Athens 2019


2009, Mylonogianni Gallery, Chania

2010, DFX, Municipal Gallery of Syros

Collection of Municipal Gallery of Syros / private collections

'His work has many references to pop culture.

His installation-cum-shop Ape Fucktory is a playful riff on production and control'

Nicholas Moore, DFX 2010 curator


light blue ape / grey ape

Up: Pages 1 and 2 of the APE FUCKTORY prospectus