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Antonis Frantzeskakis

Elia Deligiannaki 76. 73134. Chania

[0030]2821086027. [0030]6976725407

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Don't leave me this way (group show),

Vout-O-Reenees Gallery, London, 7.11-30.11. 2019

IV Nikos Skepetzis Art Festival (group show),

Rethymno 2019

Krikos VII, Olivepress Art Factory, (group show)

Chania 2019

Mona Lisa's smile, Italian Center of Education,

Athens 2019

We 're all golden sunflowers inside.

2019. Pencils, charcoal, inkjet print and acrylic on paper.

25X17cm / 40X30cm in vintage frame. Private collection.

On Allen Ginsberg haiku.

The image is from Man Ray's DREAM: