Hands off!

2013. 42X30 cm. India ink on white rag paper.


2018, Freakshow, Match More Art Gallery, Chania.

Private collection

Thomas Bulfinch


   ...Bulfinch is best known as the author of Bulfinch's Mythology, an 1881 compilation of his three previous works:

   The Age of Fables, or Stories of Gods and Heroes, 1855

   The Age of Chivalry, or Legends of King Arthur, 1858

   Legends og Charlemagne, or Romance of the Middle Ages, 1863

   Psychologists use the Echo and Narcissus myth for the NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). 

   The text:

'Here.' Narcissus looked around, but seeing no one called out.

'Come' Echo answered.

'Come'. As no one cameNarcissus called again.

'Why do you shun me? Echo asked the same question'.

'Let us join one another' said the youth.

'Hands off! Would rather die than you should have me!'

'Have me', said she, but it was all in vain.

Thomas Bulfinch, 1796-1867