Dr Immoreales' Lab

Chaniart 2013. Catholic Church of Chania.


Antonis Frantzeskakis,

Aimilios Kalogeris, Pantelis Pantelopoulos.

Installation view

Curator: Daniel Papadimitriou

A 3.01 min video from the exhibition

   Is it possible for art to express mental disorder? Is it possible for the ecumenical artistic language to interpret  the abyss of a sick soul? Definitely, answer the three collaborative artists, in a surprising symbolical and spatial planning, setting. Is it a pessimistic view, a pragmatic insight of an already present future or a short roam to an artistic beyond? Undoubtedly, the elements of this paramythic setting tend to indicate modestly the ability of art, not to imitate, but to interpret.

Daniel Papadimitriou   

Exhibition views